Companies will be charged between $30.00 and $35.00
Per guest this includes show and a buffet. The minimum number of guests is 100 and the maximum is the capacity of the venue.
The host company will provide the contestants for the competition.

Smaller companies could be combined together to host a show.
Talent is not limited to singers but any one with talent example: Dancers, musicians, comedians, magicians etc. Shows will last approximately two hours.

Voting will be done via Text in ‘real time’, the results are projected on a screen and will respond to each individual vote with movement ect.   The Texting process will be explained at the beginning of each competition. There are three ‘judges’ supplied by The Treasure Hunt Talent Search LLC. A special guest judge or MC such as Austin Powers impersonator, Brittany Spears look-a-like, etc. are also a big part of the entertainment.
The Treasure Hunt Talent Search also provides an Event coordinator, door and backstage personnel, sound and video technicians and special guest entertainers.

A video of the show will be given to the company.

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